Kudos to all parents and tutors who give children ample playtime!

While some schools and parents are cutting kids’ playtime, it’s indispensable to your little one’s growth, development, and overall well-being. And there are myriad studies to back this claim. In fact, one particular kind of playtime is turning heads among educators and parenting experts alike: unstructured play.

Here’s the thing parents across the globe should know: be it structured or not, playtime boasts a raft of benefits to any child. As someone who has raised two beautiful children, I’ve experienced this firsthand. So, what are the importance of playtime?

It Costs Practically Nothing

Let’s get one thing straight here: Playtime is not just fun, it’s one of the most affordable ways you can invest in your kid’s education. It calls for nothing more than space, creativity, and time. You only have to put a little faith in your children’s inner might to make fun on their own. Playtime allows your kids to discover who they are, what they enjoy doing, and realise their capabilities.

Improves Child’s Behaviour

When kids get ample playtime, they tend to behave better. Unexpected, right? But, recent studies show that children behave well in the classroom if they know they will get a break to blow off some steam. A 15-minute inter-class playtime does wonders to a child’s perception to academics. Now go back to what you were doing, and let that kid play!

It Enhances Teamwork

So your kid has been a little mean. Don’t worry – playtime teaches kids to play nice. If you have witnessed children at play, you would notice great team spirit at work. That is a life skill every parent desire for their little ones.

Physical Health Benefits

You can’t deny that many UK kids have fallen prey to poor lifestyle choices. With junk food and sedentary lifestyle, a little playtime can help them stay active. Constant running, jumping, and climbing is good for your kid’s heart and overall healthy.

Mental Health Benefits

Playtime is also good for your child’s brain. It provides an excellent opportunity for the kids to blow off steam, dealing with stress. Children also value choosing what they want to do during playtime.

And that isn’t all. With a little independence, kids find their own voice thereby boosting their self-esteem. That sense of achievement and pride is also a great enhancement to a child’s self-confidence.

These are just but a few benefits. Children can also forge lifetime friendships during playtime.